The use of salt
Some physiologists contemptuously call it white death, others respectfully call it the basis of life. Even methods of treatment with table salt are proposed. Since this is a product for nutrition or, more precisely, internal use, you should seriously think about its usefulness. Disputes about the nature of this product has not subsided for several hundred years.
Arguments of salt food supporters
The use of salt for the body is undeniable. The oldest seasoning contains chlorine and sodium.

  1. The first stimulates the production of gastric juice, adjusts the complete absorption of carbohydrates, activates the functioning of the liver , maintains an ideal composition of blood, provides flexibility of the joints
  2. The second is responsible for acid-base balance, high-quality transmission of nerve impulses.
The arguments of opponents of salt
What is the harm of salt ? Seasoning, saturated with elements activating physiological processes, is often the "culprit" of the formation of migraine syndrome.

Love for salty baby significantly increases the load on the kidneys, prevents the full output of decay products, the delay of which in the body adversely affects the state of the brain structures, hence the frequent headaches, which eventually lead to a decrease in cognitive abilities.

Sodium provokes swelling, problems with blood pressure, thereby destroying the cardiovascular system. It stimulates the appetite, causes obesity.
Opinion moderation fans
The benefits of salt is, but with moderate consumption.

Those who are sickened by a one-sided point of view, believe that it is probably a bit early to remove the salt shakers from the tables. They recommend that practically healthy people restrict seasoning to a physiological norm (3-6 g per day), give preference to Himalayan or sea salt, to cores - to buy special mixtures that contain almost no sodium, enriched with potassium, useful for myocardium. Then the daily need of all systems will be completely satisfied, and health will not suffer.