Sea salt for children
Now so many sprays for the nose, cough syrup, sedative and anti-cold children's remedies have appeared in pharmacies that we forget about such a simple, versatile and inexpensive means as sea salt. For children and adults, this natural product, the gift of the Sea, will be useful in many cases, and the treatment will be much softer and more useful than with pharmaceutical preparations.
For a good sleep: Baths with sea salt for children
The neuropathologist advised to add an infusion of herbs to the bath (soothing collection) or sea salt. . Every day you should not bathe in sea water, so as not to overdry the skin, but in a day - two - completely. You can try it yourself: it is very pleasant to relax in the warm, salty water, close your eyes and feel that the real warm sea hurts you on the waves.
For the nose: rinsing the nose with sea salt to children
Washing the nose with saline is a simple and effective remedy for a cold. And a saline is nothing but a solution of salt (sodium chloride) in water: for 1 cup of warm boiled water, 1 tsp. Of salt. You can take the usual table salt, but better - natural sea. The same Aquamaris and Salin are made on the basis of sea water.

For the throat: Gargling for children
If you have a sore throat, sea salt will come to the rescue. Again, we take a glass of warm boiled water, pour in 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1-2 drops of iodine can be dropped. Stir. Rinse the more often, the better, after 2 hours ideally. Throat passes very quickly.
From cough: Warming sea salt
And when coughing sea salt, we use a little differently. It must not be dissolved, but heated. Pour a handful of salt on a dry clean pan and, stirring with a spoon, heat it on the stove. Then we put salt into the old one, but the whole sock and put it where the mustard plaster usually clings: on the back or on the chest.

Attention! It is impossible to warm up around the heart; also, if the temperature, warming up is prohibited. Check that the sock is not very hot, so as not to burn yourself. You can first wrap it in a towel, as the towel cools off, remove it.

What is good sock with salt is dry heat, and it keeps the heat much longer than the same hot water bottle. Of all the arsenal warming up - pepper plaster, mustard plaster, hot water bottle - this is the way I like the most, because it is simple and effective.