Salt cave.
How it works.
The salt cave is a room with walls covered with a special multi-layer salt coating, equipped with a 3rd generation air-burning generator and a ventilation system.

The unique microclimate of the natural cave has been recreated here, which allows to fully reproduce the pronounced health-improving effect of the underground salt caves.
Statistics show that people taking a course in the Salt Cave of at least 10 sessions once a quarter do get sick much less often. And if they fall ill, then without complications.
It is recommended to visit the salt cave in such cases as:
  • acute respiratory viral infections with cough
  • any allergic diseases of the respiratory tract
  • bronchitis
  • bronchial asthma without exacerbation
  • smokers' bronchitis
  • diseases of ENT organs
  • depression, fatigue syndrome
  • neurosis, stress
  • skin pathologies (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne)
A visit to the salt cave is recommended for children who have problems such as:
  • acute respiratory diseases with a protracted course
  • chronic lung disease
  • laryngitis
  • frequent respiratory diseases, recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia
  • SARS and flu in the autumn-spring period
  • overwork from school stress
The salt cave is an aid to your body and immunity. Besides a great way to relax after work. The atmosphere, the smells and the state of complete tranquility do their work. Do not be ill and carry out everything conceived by you. Be healthy!