Money, luck and protection from evil spirits: the beneficial properties of salt, which we did not know
Salt cleans negative
Salt is well known for its disinfecting and cleansing properties. Sometimes Catholics even add it to holy water. By the way, salt water has long been used to treat wounds, brush teeth and clean the house. All these are examples of purification, physical and mental.
Salt protects against evil spirits
Wiccans and pagans use salt to create a so-called protective circle around themselves during magical rituals. In addition, it is customary to pour salt in the house so as not to let anything wrong in it. Some people put some salt under the rug to prevent bad people from entering the house.
Salt as a symbol of fertility
Salt has long been associated with fertility. In the end, the salty ocean itself is a kind of symbol of the mother's womb. That is why, in order to wish many children to the bride, she was presented with salt on her wedding day.
Salt abruptly turns the fate
Some say: if the day is not set, you need to throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. As mentioned above, while she gets into the eyes of the devil lurking there, and he will be distracted from his dirty tricks. And luck will turn to face you.
Salt removes death
After the funeral, having come to the house where the dead person was lying, it is necessary to sprinkle a pinch of salt over his head to get rid of the "remnants" of death.
Salt contributes to business success.
Before you get a job or start an important deal, superstitious people put some salt in their right pocket - this is sure to bring good luck.
Salt dares unwanted guests
If an unpleasant and annoying person has stayed in the house, you should sneak some salt under his chair. It is believed that soon after that he will rise and leave.